Portus Web Services Platform

“The Portus platform, because of its flexible structure, made the task easier and faster because it is has the ability to interface with web technology and is ready for the cloud right from day one.”

Tim Willoughby, Chief Technology Officer, Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), Ireland

CCA Software’s solutions and services are based on our Portus platform. Portus provides Ostia with its ‘Secret Sauce’ giving our customer’s rapid availability of data for cloud, mobile, social and analytics apps and testing.

Portus is the result of 50 person years of productised knowledge and experience wrapped in mobile standards. It is a next- generation disruptive technology: simple to use, giving fast and reusable results delivery.

Portus has been created for the modern world where business and technology are inseparable, but where it has become necessary to accept the co-existence of multiple vendors.

Portus has been built using the tools, technologies and standards supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that have powered the social media. Portus enables the rapid extraction of information from any number of sources, systems or databases (server or mainframe) so it may be combined and presented (and modified, if required) at the point of consumption on any network device – be it PC, tablet or mobile device. This is all achieved without making any application or database changes, creating duplicates of data or having to install any client software.

How does Portus achieve rapid availability of data for cloud, mobile, social and analytics apps?
  • Ease of use: Configuration only / code-free
  • Agile / Adaptive Integration: enable traditionally-built core IT systems to meet agile development demands
  • Agnostic: platform, database and language – standard’s based
  • Secure: firewall controlled access to data / logic sources
  • Performant and robust: On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) levels of service / fully scalable
  • Direct: accesses live data – no copies required
  • Virtualisation: Virtualised services and creation of synthetic data

Supported Technologies (non-exhaustive)

Databases Platforms Business Logic Environments Transports Protocols Message Formats
DB2 zOS C/C++ SAP Websphere MQ SOAP JSON
Oracle AIX PL/1 Web Services JMS Pub/Sub CSV
Sysbase OS400 Assembler RabbitMQ IDoc
MS SQL Solaris Java EntireX
My SQL HP-UX Natural
MS Access Windows PHP
Postgres Linux RPG
Adabas zLinux
IBM Lotus Domino