About Us

FreeSoft Asia Pacific is a worldwide provider of modernization technology and services to the legacy applications user community. Our technologies enable customers to take advantage of a reliable and repeatable process to modernize applications and provide a means to save the enormous investment already made in these strategic legacy assets. Besides modernizing legacy applications we continuously develop our LiberatorWorkbench modernization framework as well to adapt and support the latest technology standards and trends in IT.

This unique and powerful framework is fully designed, developed and owned by FreeSoft. We hold all IP rights, maintain and continuously develop our flexible and extendable toolkit to support more legacy technologies and the latest standards in IT either on the Java or .NET platforms. We are able to adjust and customize our conversion engine to meet your architectural needs or special requests for code syntax in the target scenario.

For more information visit https://www.freesoftus.com

Our subsidiary companies in Australia provide additional mainframe and mainframe modernisation products and services

Our Subsidiaries

Blueline Software

Blueline Software first established in 1989 to provide high quality affordable software to the mainframe community. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company and products so you will have the most recent and relevant information at hand.

Blueline has over 75% of all mainframe sites in Australia, New Zealand and throughout S.E.A. as existing customers so you know you have the backing of a truly experienced and trustworthy organisation that has serviced the market for over 25 years.

Blueline is renowned for its ability to work with customers to fill their needs quickly and efficiently with cost effective solutions cutting potential expenditures dramatically with our software solutions enabling our customers to focus on what they do best in their respective industries.

For more information visit their official website at https://www.blueline.com.au

CCA Software Pty Ltd

CCA Software Pty Ltd (CCA) is an established Australian Software Vendor, formed in February 1985 with the goal of assisting organisations to achieve results and value for money by helping them leverage the benefits of their Information Technology (IT) investments.
Today, CCA is part of the FreeSoft Asia Pacific group, a global network of companies head-quartered in Budapest Hungary.  CCA’s head office is in Melbourne with sales offices in Sydney, Canberra and the UK.  CCA has a global network of partners ranging from the United Kingdon, USA, South Africa, EU, Brazil and Israel.  See their web page at https://www.ccasoftware.com.au